We are pleased to provide some details on the company’s investments:

UK Assets

Lidsey Oil Field
Brockham Oil Field
Horse Hill

Isle of Wight

Doriemus announced on the 10 August 2016, that it had acquired all of Angus Energy Limited’s (“Angus”) rights in respect of its 5% legal and beneficial interest in the 200 km2
onshore Isle of Wight oil and gas licence (PEDL331) together with all of Angus’ rights in respect of its 5% interest in the joint operating agreement to be entered into between UK
Oil & Gas Investments Plc, Solo Oil plc and Angus.

Greenland Gas and Oil

On 11 September 2015, the Company announced that it had acquired an initial 2.82% equity shareholding in Greenland Gas & Oil Plc (“GGO”), a UK based oil and gas exploration company focused solely on Greenland

In June 2015, GGO was granted oil exploration and exploitation licences over an area covering 4,200 km2 located onshore in south-eastern Greenland in a region known as the Jameson Land Basin.

Western Australia Farmin Interests

EP 487- Butler Prospect and BCGS

L 15- West Kora Oil Field

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